UX designer and researcher applying behavioral psychology to user experience.


My Design Process 

Below is a simplified diagram of my overall design process. I’m a research driven designer, and that can be qualitative or quantitative research. I like to move quickly and iterate as I create an experience to get closer and closer to the MVP before launching to test it out in the real world. I like to apply principles from behavioral psychology, such as the BJFogg model, the Hooked model or learning from sites like Coglode.

“User Experience Design is the science and art of designing a product so that it’s, easy to use, fits expectations and meets business goals..”

—Susan Weinschenk.

PD Collage.png

Mobile Product Design

I have been crafting user experiences for 14+ years, specializing in mobile for the past 10 years.

“Users who continually find value in a product are
more likely to tell their friends about it.”

—Nir Eyal.


WebApp and Website Design

My experience with WebApps includes Enterprise apps, administration panels, data dashboards, text editors, diagram drawing editors and complex retail marketing apps. I have focused my website design on simple, marketing focused websites.

“Having empathy for and understanding your users is more important than process.”

— Peter Merholz

User Research Collage.png

User Research

I have been doing user research for 14+ years. Ethnography, user testing, and task models are a few of my areas of expertise.